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Top 10 Best Woodworking Compass

Topic: Top 10 Best Woodworking Compass 

General Tools Angle Protractor

  • PROTRACTOR ARM: It’s constructed of durable stainless steel and features a 6″ adjustable arm for setting the bevel, transferring angles, and finding your measurement. It’s an essential tool and gift idea for a fellow carpenter, student, or machinist.
  • CONSTRUCTION PROTRACTORS: This square head protractor has a 0 to 180-degree semi-circle scale in forward and reverses directions to measure all angles on the job. The 3-3/8″ x 2″ head helps anchor the protractor against objects to hold it in place.
  • ANGLE FINDER: Quickly and easily identify your angles with our rust-resistant measuring compass. The metal arm locks into place with a knurled thumb nut, allowing you to gauge the measurement of the inclination accurately.
  • MEASUREMENT TOOLS: The project possibilities are endless when using our high-quality square-head protractor tool. You can master the art of building new cabinets, tables, chairs, wooden desks, framing, and various furniture makings.
  • GENERAL TOOLS: We’re a recognized leader in designing and developing specialized precision tools dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service. We encourage artisans and DIYers to work smarter, measure better, and repair more productively.

Inch Adjustable Lockable Steel Divider Wing Leather Compass

  • Precision and durable leather working compass/divider, also used in wood work, metal work and other drawing work
  • Perfect for drawing arcs, circles, divide gauges, dividing line, line segments, size measurement, etc
  • Leg length is 6.0inches, the maximum span is 6.0inches, and it can draw a circle up to 12inches
  • Made of high quality carbon steel, good toughness, high hardness, sturdy and durable, wear-resistant
  • Hard and sharp compass tips can accurately mark the workpiece.

Milescraft 8407 ScribeTec - Scribing and Compass Tool

  • Articulating pencil head, for complex angles
  • Retractable, spring-loaded, locking precision point for a precise radius
  • Adjustable writing instrument grip can hold No. 2 pencils, carpenter pencils, and Sharpie (or similar) markers
  • Built-in pencil sharpener for keeping your pencil sharp and your line crisp

ZLKSKER 6/8/10 inch Professional Woodworking Compass with Pencil Holder & Lockable Wing, Geometry & Drafting Compass for Carpenter (6 inch)

  • Made of high quality carbon steel, good toughness, high hardness, sturdy and durable, wear-resistant, not easy to rust and corrode, accurate measurement
  • Heavy duty & good construction, a great tool for doing large carpentry work, scribe, drafting, metal work, and leather work
  • Lockable wing provide quickly measure, copy measurement, repeat measurement, measurement transfer and repeated circle drawing
  • The tips are hard and sharp, they can clearly & easily draw lines on the surface of metal, plastic, wood and other workpieces
  • The leg is 6 inches long, the maximum span (radius) is 8.0 inches, and maximum drawing circle diameter 16 inches

General Tools 843/1 Pencil Compass and Scriber, 8 Inch Diameter

  • COMPASS AND SCRIBE: Designed for marking contours and drawing circles or arcs.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Positive wing nut adjustment up to 8 inches.
  • STURDY: Full-length hardened steel pin in metal frame for greater rigidity.
  • DURABLE: Constructed of brass plated steel.
  • VERSATILE: Can be used with most pens and pencils. Pencil not included.

ZLKSKER 4 Inch Professional Leather Compass, Precision Spring Wing Divider/Scriber, Metal Compass for Woodworking, Metalworking

  • Precision and durable leather working compass/divider, also used in wood work, metal work and other drawing work
  • Perfect for drawing arcs, circles, dividing line, line segments, , etc
  • Made of high quality carbon steel, sturdy and durable
  • Hard and sharp compass tips can accurately mark the workpiece
  • Leg length is 4.0- inch, the maximum span is 4.5-inch, and it can draw a circle up to 9-inch

School Smart 081885 Long Point Ball Bearing Compass, Draws Circles Up to 12" (Pack of 12),Silver,Chisel Tip

  • Pencil compass drawing tool is a necessity for mathematics, geometry, drafting, and technical drawing needs
  • Designed to outline and sketch up to a 12 inch perfect compass circle with ease and accuracy
  • Ball bearing design of orienteering compass allows for easy adjustment and secure lock-down when drawing
  • Dozen pack is great for professionals and students for perfecting landscape or home renovation drafts, geometry and technical drawings, and more
  • Note: Pencil not included

Toolmaker's “Yankee” Quick-Spring Nut, Rapid Adjust, Spring Dividers Calipers Compass, 0-8.5” / 215 mm Range, Brass Fulcrum and Fine Adjustment Mechanism, Flat Leg, C7-8

  • Features quick-spring nut for rapid and precise fine adjustment
  • Features brass fulcrum and adjustment mechanism
  • Made from high-grade carbon steel with hardened and finely polished points
  • Flat leg construction makes unit very durable; has substantially hardened spring
  • Maximum opening is 8.5” / 215 mm

Big Horn 19641 Rotape Beam Compass, Gray/Black

✅ The original Rotape Beam Compass

✅ Combines a measuring tape and pencil scribe in one pocket size tool

✅ It makes a radius from 3-1/2-Inches to 6-feet. Also can be used to mark straight and parallel lines, arcs, and circles

✅ Replaces the standard beam compass and trammel point set

✅ Manufactured by BRAT Mfg Inc.

Made in USA

Stainless Steel Protractor 180 Degrees Angle Ruler Finder 140mm Metric Durable Metal Adjustable General Measuring Tool

Material Stainless Steel, Metal
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH 7.68 x 2.05 x 0.51 inches
Item Weight 3.04 Ounces

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